Creating User Friendly Web Design

The design of a website plays an important role in roping in a surge of traffic to an interface. To hit high notes in the industry it is important for you to focus on the aspect of user friendliness in the design. The design of an interface becomes user friendly in a true sense when you can incorporate sufficient visual cues to the site so that the course-plotting elements of your site appear to be in apple pie order. Below mentioned is a brief rundown of a few sure fire ways that add a mirthful look in a site.

 User Friendly Website Design

Creating uncluttered interface


Shipshape layout is thought to be highly important for all the web based interfaces in the present scenario. You should make it sure that the visitors of your site do not get confused and end up leaving the page in state of utter frustration. There are couples of things of which you need to be specifically careful. In the first place you have to take care of the complex navigational routes. Make it sure that the search gets easily identified. It is also important to make it sure that the UI pattern is simple enough.


Enhancing the speed time


While working on the design you have to make it sure that you have taken good care of the issue of site speed. Site speed or loading time makes a strong impact on your target visitors. It can either make or break the image of your site. Eventually it is going to have an impact on the conversion rates. Therefore you need to be pretty cautious and use proper designing techniques that enhance site speed. You have to keep a few important aspects in mind in this regard. For example, you should go for minimalist designs, reduce fancy effects, excessive use of images, drop shadows etc.


Sedate style


It is important to maintain a sedate style in the design of your web pages. While designing the pages you should unbridle your creative streak in a bit restrained way. Focus on simplicity. You need to perform a number of split testing only to make it sure that your target audience relate well with your website.


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