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We are a leading money market software company in India offering money market software solutions with shopping cart, complete ecommerce, genealogy tracking software, password protected private member areas, money market commission tracking software and multi-lingual sites.


At ITSININDIA, we help you with creating marketing ideas, inventive planning, strategic channel, best money market software consulting, associate and distributor money market training, and compensation plan devising.


We provide money market software services for corporate money market solutions, money market consultancy, compensation plan design, affiliate management system, marketing solutions, centralized database management services, downline management system, payment processing system, communication e-mailing system, transaction accounts management system, administrative control system, transaction management system, system structure and customer database management system.


Why Our Money Market Software?


User friendly


The software is designed with ease, has windows based application and is powered by .Net technology and SQL server. It has a very simple design. Anyone can operate it with little training.


Secure and highly optimized database


We understand and value the importance of your data. Our team works 24×7 around the database servers to offer uptime of your data round the clock. The data will be yours but controlled and managed by us from any probable threat.


Highly customizable


We develop the software keeping in mind your needs.


15 days required for software development


Being professional and experienced, we can understand what you need when you discuss your requirements with us. Just give us 15 days time and we will provide you a one stop solution to your needs.


Real time online application


Irrespective of where the end user is, you will always remain updated about your present revenue status.


Incorporated with latest technologies


Integration with latest technologies such as Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, FKey Verification, etc. makes the software copy one point solution to your requirements.


Call now 9733758808 for money market software solutions in India or submit a request for proposal.


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Clients Speaks

Excellent delivery with great support , will be working in near future.

Eric Fuller

This team did a great job on my website and I'm very pleased with the result. They went above and beyond and produced a quality product. I also wanted few things that required the core functionalities to be modified and they did it no problem. I'm very happy with the result and I highly recommend them

Mike Bross

ITS provided the project on-time and with great documentation and communication. I had some minor bugs and some enhancements needed after post-project and they were very prompt at providing great support!!

Darren Dupont

It was a pleasure setting up my web site with Imperium Technology. The high quality of the site was instantly recognized by my customers. One of the best (and unique) features is the ability to make many modifications on your own, instantly and without programming cost. Adding pages and changing wording is very simple. Thanks for all your hardwork and efforts

Ali Dhaif

Best website and logo design job among the other hired company.

Richard Lowery

Thanks so much to ITS team for making our website launch both a painless and enjoyable experience. You provide one of the best and easiest website solutions on the internet today. The quality, price and value are excellent. Your customer support is first rate. Your product is simple and intuitive even for first time users. Thanks again for all of your help and we will definitely be sending you more business.

Tom Abel


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