Website Design Trends 2013

A number of new web design trends appeared in 2012, the most popular among them been the rise of responsive design. Here we have shared with you few predictions about the website design trends, which could make their way into 2013. We have years of experience as a website designing company in India, and so we believe that our predictions would become the trend for 2013.


More responsive web design


Responsive design has been the most popular trend in 2012. So, you may think why it is then predicted as a web designing trend in 2013.  The answer is very simple.  The process behind responsive web design is still changing. In the beginning of 2012, the idea of responsive design providing breakpoints per device came to the limelight. When iPad mini hit the market, the idea was challenged, leaving the pros with the idea that the breakpoints must be made when the design falls apart instead.


Website Design Trends


Flash is on its last leg


This isn’t a surprise as it has become obvious now. The technology is not good for a site’s SEO. Many mobile even do not support Flash. Moreover, updating it is also a pain. There are many other technologies, which can do what Flash does. Nowadays, companies that supported Flash have already started dumping it.


Use of large images on home page


Many online portals are using large images on their home page for making an impact. These websites keep the data usage and bandwidth in mind by offering large images only to those that have large screens. The large images are making a visual impact and companies know this very well. So, this trend is going to continue in 2013.

Cooler color schemes to come again


Color trends keep on changing from time to time. In 2013, the use of cooler or more subdued colors is going to be the trend. These colors have already been used in some websites. For example, look at the home page of PayPal. This site has been redesigned and launched few months before. This is also evident in Pantone’s color choice for 2013. However, always use primary colors like gray, white and black than original hues while website designing.


Mobile apps may replace mobile browsing


Website designers are asked to design and develop a website in such a way that mobile users do not find difficulty browsing the site from their device. However, certain websites tend to work better when they are used via their own app. For example, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest work   much better on mobile devices with their apps than their browsing experience.


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