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Essential News Apps Which Flaunt The Magic Of Mobile App/Application Development

Who would not like to be updated about what is going on around him or her? It would be really nice in case you happen to have the technology to get all the news sources without having gone through any trouble. News apps are making it happen. Let’s get cozy with a string of apps that bear testimony to the growth of mobile app/application development.

Circa News:

mobile apps development

If you are really in love with news bulletins as well as news snippets which will be catered to you in the most condensed as well as curate forms then it should be Circa News at the center of attention. There will be great deal of news stores as well as news links for you. At the same times you can also expect to have news feeds from LinkedIn, Facebook as well as Twitter.

LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn pulse

LinkedIn pulse is an interactive app that enfolds entertainment as well as information. This particular app is not merely about some dull headlines. There will be RSS feeds, photographs, job buzz as well as other value added features.

Drop Box:

Drop Box

Drop box is indeed a revolution in the form of mobile application development. There us so much of fun that you can possibly have with the app. Getting access to the news feeds related to movies as well as market trends.

Thomson Reuters News Pro:

Thomson Reuters News Pro

Thomson Reuters News Pro has managed to attain a lofty status of glory. This particular app is one of the most essential news apps which are going to get you the latest news as well as views pertaining to a spate of important news items. News coverage becomes a piece of cake with the help of such apps.

Tech Crunch:

Tech Crunch

If you happen to be a techie or a tech buff then tech crunch is going to be the right fit into your life. You can capitalize on the app in order to get the rundown of all the important vibes happening in the world of technology. The best part is that you can download the app without any hesitation.

How do you find these apps? Do you believe that they are important in your life? Share your thoughts on the immense progress of mobile application development with us. Be sure to remain engaged with us as much as possible.

Will Instagram Videos Outshine Vine’s Popularity?

It’s official! Instagram introduces, for the first time ever, videos! Now, you can shoot short videos with your iOS or Android phone, apply custom filters to it and share your creative piece in the social web at the tap of your finger. And, that’s not all, you can customize the look and feel of your video by applying a cover frame and select from the available video modes e.g. ‘cinema’ mode to give your work a professional touch!

But, the BIG question remains – why Instagram (now a Facebook property) waited so long to allow videos for its million-strong user base? Well, experts are already busy offering explanations. The common belief is, Instagram wants to bite into Vine’s popularity. Vine, as we all know is the short-form video ‘upload and sharing’ app launched by Twitter in October 2012. Vine has already gained a commendable user base, around 13 million, and looks to expand its reach even further. The most crucial aspect of Vine’s meteoric rise to fame is the support from advertisers. It is estimated that over 50,000 reputed brands from across hemispheres are already faithful Vine users.

Instagram, as media strategist Ryan Holiday puts in, is eyeing the ‘Vine Model’ of Advertising. Advertisers registered with Vine are already paying big bucks for video snippets shared on Vine app. Creating an elaborate Ad would cost advertisers more, whereas, short video snippets showing product launch, consumer experience, client-speak, celebrity endorsements and so on, are generating more engagement via Vine app. With this new video ‘upload and sharing’ feature, Instagram is aiming to replicate this Vine model and trying to grab more advertisers to its shore.

What’s in it for the common users? To put in a nutshell, you will have the following 3 features to enjoy in addition to all the existing Instagram features, and here they are

Upload 15 second video clips. Just aim and shoot videos on your iOS or Android powered smartphones and upload on Instagram app and you’re ready to share.

Select from up to 13 custom video filters. Are you a fan of “Hudson” or “Amaro” filter? Did you wish to customize your party snap with your favorite “Toaster” or “Branon” or “X-Pro II” filters? Well, now all of these popular Instagram image filters can be used to customize your videos! That’s not all, you’ll get 13 new filters to choose from while adding effects to your personal video snippet.

Add ‘cinema’ effect to your videos. This will certainly add a professional touch to your creation and impart a cool and sleek look to it. Just toggle your settings to ‘Cinema’ and apply it to your selected video.

The app war is heating up, and with Instagram’s new video feature roll out, it just got bigger!

What’s your take on this new video feature roll out from Instagram? Are you looking forward to record, upload and share your first Instagram video? Once you’re done, share the link below! Stay connected…