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Don’t know is your website mobile friendly or not, follow the tips

Whether you want to please your users, don’t want Google to push your site our of its mobile search results, or want to get specific instructions on what on your site needs to be fixed to make it work better on mobile. With mobile marketing becoming more of a necessity than an extra, how does your website look when viewed on a mobile device? We are going to inform you about the tools to check the mobile friendliness of your website along with the tips to build a mobile friendly website.


• Be plain & simple. A flashy website is not going to convert very well on the mobile device.

• Cut down on advertising clutter. You might find the need to transfer your ads to different locations that really work far better with cellular device. Having ads in the center of contents might not work well using a mobile device just like they will do with a regular website.

• Find out about the special coding you can use for your written content in order that it detects what device is looking at the website & also appears in the preferred formatting for that device.


 1. Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test

Google mobile friendly test will tell you more about how Google Bot will see your page rather than how your mobile users might see it. That itself is very helpful because you can use their feedback for SEO purpose as well. If your website passes that test, you will see a green message that says Awesome! This page is mobile friendly.. if it does not pass, the message will be red and say Not mobile-friendly. This tool also give you the reason why it failed such as the content is wider than the screen or links are too close together. Note one thing, if the tool says “NO” then the page of your website will be pushed down in the mobile search results in favor of similar pages from other sites that are mobile friendly.


• For a cellular device you most likely need more navigation than on an internet site. Think about using shorter drop down menus and drill down to the minute information on your website with additional menus.

• As we know, typing on a hand-held device is not fun or simple, so make hyperlinks as brief as they can be.

• Keep the content to a single post per page for much easier viewing.


 2. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

This tool has been around for a while now. When you analyze your website in PageSpeed insights, it will show screenshots of how it looks on mobile & desktop as well as give you speed scores for both mobile & desktop as well.


• Put content front & center. Rather than using an entrance page, position the latest contents in the forefront in order that mobile content readers notice what is important immediately.

• Put hyperlinks beneath the content & inside. Although this is actually ideal for a website viewed on a webpage it may be more effective to place links underneath the post.

• Use drop down navigation or hover navigation. This type of navigation will save a lot of space on the cellular system and makes it much simpler to basically click it to move to the mobile content that the visitor really wants to see.


3. Keynote MITE

Keynote MITE

Keynote MITE is an amazing desktop tool to run and analyze sites on a multitude of mobile devices, from tablets to smart phones. It’s a very detailed tool & Google selected it in 2012 to power their first mobile testing site.

4. W3C’s MobileOK Checker

W3C’s MobileOK Checker

And finally we have W3C’s MoboleOk Checker. As with other W3C tools, it does look a bit outdated but does get the job done. It tests your website’s markup code for any web standard errors, graphics or image errors. Like PageSpeed insights the tool give a solid set of recommendations on what needs to be changed, why it needs to be changed and most important how it needs to be changed.

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Key Areas To Consider Before Hiring A Web Designing Firm

Your website not only represents your business to your existing clients and customers, but it also acts as the first impression to your potential new clients, who are just getting to know you. Ordinary and outdated graphic or web design gives your customers a cheap impression. So to avoid this, you must be very diligent in making your designs compatible with the changing environment and trend. With the right web presence, your business can only grow and become more profitable. A website is not just about having an online presence with a site that looks good. It’s about getting a return on investment & having that website deliver business result. A good web designing firm can think outstanding ways to design a website that has numerous animations, videos & images that perfectly symbolizes & reflects the core function of a company/organization.

When you are looking for a website design company, it is vital that you find the perfect one for you. With so many options available of web design companies, both online and local, it can be really tricky to determine which one is perfectly suited for your business. The best approach before hiring a web design company is to shop around, do as much research as possible about their credentials and capabilities, interviewing, reviewing performance results, checking references and most importantly judging their caliber & ability to deliver the kind of result you are looking for to boost your business. The company that you have chosen to design your website should be just as concerned & mindful about generating revenue for your website as you are. That company should be able to provide you with results-oriented strategies that should be in line with your goals, such as prominent positioning & placement of your business phone number, an eye catching slideshow on the home page that reinforces your business, featured products, discounts & information prominently appearing on every page of the site, and calls to action that are prominently positioned to grab the visitors’ attention.

These are the few important points to keep in mind before hiring a web designing firm:


Pricing is really important when you are trying to figure out how things will shape out with your chosen budget. While negotiating the pricing factor with the firm, make sure you do ask about the time, if they require a flat fee or a time based payment. The price they will put up should not be to low comparing the market trend, it is a sign of the company’s inexperience & immaturity.


It is important that you ask them which members of their team will be working on your project & their areas of expertise. Quite naturally you want people who have proper experience building the kind of website you want, so make sure they have the right people on the job before they start. If you have the access of the project head it becomes easier if you wish to include something or want to make a change somewhere or simply resolve your query about certain areas.


It’s important to know the scope of experience of the person or team working on your project. Feel free to ask for samples of other websites they have done, discuss the expertise they have in web design and development tools, and request client references. The portfolio and references should be updated with the most current work.

At Imperium Technologies, our talented & highly experienced web designers draw on an acute understanding of today’s technology, helping to increase the cost-efficiency and revenue-generating potential of your business. We specialize in website design, logo design, e-Commerce and most importantly SEO. Our approach to building websites is highly professional, yet attractive. Our love for great website design and utilization of the latest technologies inspire us about developing your online image.

Information technology enabled services (ITES) Bringing in Open Ended Solutions in Your Business Parlance

ITES solutions or IT enabled services are intensely becoming more famed among the fraternities of online businesses. Third party solution providers are making it a point to keep immense faith in these solutions because they do yield high end results. Outsourcing of business processes have become streamlined because of the enriched contributions made by the ITES services.

See the Picture

The contributions of these services are literally immense. Your entire framework of organizational hierarchy is about to get rationalized by dint of the apt implementation of these solutions. The organizational operations and core business activities can reach up to a new level of excellence for sure. ITES solutions are note merely confined in the parameters of call centers. They have extended their reach to a great extent.

If you make it a point to take a glance at the vital service areas such as surveillance systems, claim processing, kiosk systems, medical billing, smart card solutions, data digitization, bio metric solutions then you should have a clear spec of the reach of these services in a jiffy. Each of these solutions happens to be a value driven ones that bring a revolution in your life.

The most noticeable advantage of these services will be availed in the form of:

  • Payroll processing
  • Bill processing
  • Medical processing
  • E governance
  • Cloud based services
  • Data mining services

What should you think in connection with these ensemble and value based technology solutions. If you would like to share some vibes on this crucial chore then please feel free to leave your invaluable comments and suggestions. It will be a pleasure for us to revert back to you. Give us a try. You should try out the value driven ITES solutions which we have in store for you.

What ‘Not To Do’ To Make Someone Leave Your Website

Okay, so you have a fairly good website and registering a decent footfall from potential customers. But visitors are coming in numbers and leaving in flocks! That’s why your business is going through an unpredictable stage, which further is making you apprehensive about its future. If you can relate your situation to the one above, then it is certain that you’re unable to grab the interest of your website visitors and as a result losing out on visitor retention.

Experts are of the view that any website has the potential to emerge as the most preferred online destination for web visitors, but the real difference lies in the way the website has been designed. In fact, website designing is the most important functionary that separates a popular site from the rest.

Here’s an amazing infographic that lucidly explains what you should not do while designing a website. Have a look –

What makes someone leave a website infographic

[Courtesy: Kissmetrics]

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How To Boost Engagement On Facebook And Twitter – A Ready Reckoner

Okay, so you have created a Facebook page and a Twitter account as well, to promote your business on two of these most popular social media websites. Now what? Obviously, you would want to see steady engagement on your Facebook page posts and tweets. But, that’s not happening!

So what would you do?

No need to worry, we have some valuable tips for you!

Have a look at this highly helpful infographic.


Are you following any of these tips lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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