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Facebook Rolls Out New Picture and Status Update Features

Okay, just when you’re getting ‘used to’ the new Facebook NewsFeed, Zuckerberg’s tech team has hit you with some brand new status update features. Following its new NewsFeed roll out completion in May, this is the first time that Facebook seem to have drastically re-worked on their user interface and has come up with some ‘cool’ new update features.  As per latest news released from Menlo Park (Facebook’s corporate H.Q), the new features will come into effect for all users, but obviously not everyone would get to see the new featured incorporated on the same day. You can expect to enjoy all the new features by next week.

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Let’s look at these latest Facebook new updates:

You Can Upload Pictures Into Your Comments – Yes, you read it right! Till now you could only share links in comments, but now you can make you comments more engaging by uploading images. Once you hit the ‘comment’ link beneath a wall post you’ll see a small grey ‘camera icon’ on the far right of comment box. Click on the icon to upload an image and add it to your comment!

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Sort Your Comments By Most Recent – This particular feature would help online marketers and social business analysts to track the activities of their fans and followers on all of their Facebook page posts. The latest official statement released from Facebook says: “Replies are shown below the comments, so it’s clear who’s responding to which comment. The most active conversations are shown at the top, and comments marked as spam are moved to the bottom. To view the most recent conversations at the top, click Top Comments and select Recent Activity from the dropdown.”  Thus, this “Recent Activity” filter would eventually help page admins to differentiate between the most recent replies/ comments on their page posts from the oldest, arranged in chronological order.

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According to grapevine (and we consider the source as authentic), Facebook will eventually roll out another new feature in the coming weeks. This time it will enable users to EDIT their ‘text-only’ and linked status updates after posting. Just like we can edit the texts accompanied with our image/picture updates now, we will be able to edit our text-only updates, which at the moment is not possible. Now, that calls for a celebration, isn’t it?

So, that’s all folks for the time being. Do share your valuable comments with us. Stay tuned to our weblog for latest updates from the world of social media.