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How to Convert a Website into a Mobile Site without Programming

Did you check the stat of your website? How many mobile users are checking it every day? About 75% customers favor a mobile site. So now, if you do not have a mobile site, you’ll definitely want to develop one! A lot of debate is going on right now about whether to convert your website into a mobile site.

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Reasons to Convert Your Website into a Mobile Site

A mobile website is the mobile version of a site. With the advent of mobile technologies, it has become possible to convert the desktop version of a website into a mobile site.

Where is the Catch?

  • Whenever the apps render the desktop version of a site, it takes a lot of time for the website to load. This means there is a lot of bandwidth usage.
  • Your mobile users will need to zoom every nook and corner of your site for finding what he/she wants. If this takes a lot of time, they leave.
  • It doesn’t have a professional look.


Different Methods to Convert Desktop Version Site into Mobile Site

There are different methods of converting a desktop version site into mobile website. Here we’ve discussed only a few ways.

  • Develop two websites: You can hire a website design company in India to develop two versions of a site—one for mobile users and another for desktop users.
  • Use wptouch: This is a WordPress Plugin and is very popular among wordpress users. It can be used for converting your site into a mobile site.
  • Responsive Themes: With the advancement of jQuery and CSS system, they have come into picture in late 2010.


What’s the Catch Behind these Methods?

These methods of mobile conversion either need a lot of effort to develop a new version of mobile site or are very expensive. The mobile site even takes a lot of time to load because it embeds all code inside a single file.

Best Method to Convert a Site into a Mobile Friendly Website

You can make the best use of “Go Mo” and “DudaMobile” for converting a website into a mobile site. Go Mo is a google initiative for checking a website on Smartphone whereas DudaMobile is the easiest and fastest way for building a mobile friendly site in minutes.

Here are 4 GUI based conversion steps.:

Step-1 : Check the site and Select a Theme

In this process, DudaMobile checks your already existing site and gives you ideas about some pre-built templates for your present website. All you need to do is click on a pre-built template for your website. Then click ‘Next’.

Step-2 : Edit your mobile theme options

Here you can fine tune your site’s main pages. Just click on them to fine tune. Click ‘next’.

Step-3: Save your new mobile site

You need to provide your original email id and password. The email address should be valid. Now click ‘Next’.

Step-4: Go Live

In this step, you will come to know how to implement this new mobile friendly site with your web site. There are basically two options through which you can automatically redirect your mobile user to your newly created portal. Then follow the instructions that will be given according to your site.

Are you aware of any other kind of such service that can convert your website into a mobile site without any programming?