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How To Create ‘Perfect 10’ Posts on Social Media Sites

Okay, you may have heard the proverb that “early bird gets the worm”. The same goes with social media marketing. “You got to be up on your toes at all times” and never let an opportunity slip by! Contribute, Share and Re-Share ‘value’ information with your target audience; this will help establish your brand’s superiority over time. But, in all practicality, it’s almost next to impossible for businesses to monitor their own social media initiatives (regular posts and tweets, photo and video shares, comments received and replies to comments, et al) round the clock. That’s where an SMM (social media marketing) executive steps in.

Marketing is an umbrella term comprising several sub-types, each suited for a particular medium, e.g. direct marketing, precision marketing, and shotgun marketing and so on. Marketing through social media sites is altogether, a different ball game! Social networking sites are the most talked about medium at present. Owing to huge mass participation, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have emerged as the numero uno platform for marketers to pitch for sales. However, an over emphasis on ‘selling’ rather than ‘sharing’ (which is the original purpose of a social networking site) results in gaining only short-lived achievements for companies. So, what’s the solution?

Social Media Marketing gurus opine that firstly, you need to fine tune your social initiative. Start with planning your posts/tweets and then go about scheduling them at times when there’s maximum traffic on your social accounts. Further, you need to keep a tab on comments received on your social posts, the number of times your posts/tweets are shared across the social web, and you also need to reply to these as quickly as possible, or else your audience might feel ‘left out’ and move elsewhere. No doubt, applying all of these would help you get traction out of your social initiatives. However, questions remain – what differentiate a good post from a bad one? What makes a post go viral? Or, for that matter, is there a formula for creating a ‘perfect 10’ post that would click with your target audience?

While the first two questions have no surefire solutions, there can actually be an easy way to create ‘almost’ perfect 10 posts for your social media activities. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more…

How To Create ‘Perfect 10’ Posts on Social Media Sites

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