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How to Increase Google+ Engagement and Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Google+ is growing in popularity since last year as comScore’s recent survey on social media engagement proves it. It’s time you start paying heed to your Google+ account than ever before!

Recently Facebook and Twitter, the two ubiquitous social media platforms that redefined online engagement, celebrated their 10th and 7th birthdays respectively. There’s no competition with Google+ as far as social media presence and reach of the two platforms are concerned. However, Google’s very own social network is fast expanding its present user base and more importantly has found a place among the Top 5 social media networks, as seen from recent studies on user engagement, conducted by reputed data firms in the first quarter of this year.

Why Google+ is needed for your social media entourage? Among many other things we have zeroed in 7 reasons why you should have a Google+ account to enhance your personal/ business branding -

  • It’s a Google product so you can vouch on its functionality and trustworthiness
  • It helps improve your Google Authorship. That’s true!
  • Google’s web crawlers crawl Google+ pages and accounts making them rank high on SERPs. Hence you can have a better web page rank for your Blog or company site with a Google verified G+ page.
  • Connect with niche groups via communities, more close-knit conversations enable you to link up with relevant connections
  • Hangouts are wonderful ways to establish yourself/ brand as opinion or thought leaders in your domain
  • No Advertisement model initiated so far  in G+ (unlike Facebook) to generate paid reach
  • Hashtags “#” work just like Twitter and isn’t a flop-show like Facebook


I could have added a dozen other to the list, but to cut the long story short, here’s a detailed look into how you can use Google+ to increase your social media engagement.

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