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How Twitter Improves a Website’s SERP?

When any individual creates a website or develops a new blog, he/she thinks that the web page will be ranked on top of the search engine very soon. The person keeps on hitting the keywords in Google hoping that someday he/she will get to see the website on the first page of the search engine. However, how many people actually succeed doing so?

SEO services company in India implements a number of SEO strategies for improving the page rank.  People often get confused when it comes to following the techniques. One basic thing you need to know about SEO is keywords and backlinking play a big role in determining the rank of your page. However, as a social media platform Twitter acts as a very useful marketing tool for promoting a business. Twitter followers help to improve a page rank in an indirect way.

Twitter Improves a Website’s SERP

So, this social media platform is certainly an SEO tool. A number of experiments have been conducted to prove that Twitter is an effective medium for improving the rank of a web page. Moreover, we all know that Google highly respects those sites that are reputed. This means if the followers of Twitter mention the site URL on twitter, your site will get quick recognition by the major search engines.

The site is a subordinate branch of twitter. You just need to sign up a petition (twitition) and you will see that a tweet is sent directly from your twitter profile to that website automatically. However, nothing interesting happens until the tweets do not reach 500; the moment it crosses 7500, you will be able to view the petition at the 5th position on the major search engine, Google. It’s not applicable to all petitions but every time it is done, it becomes great news for the twitter followers.

Follow back method

Both the twitter followers as well as the active bloggers use the technique. It works like a magic stick.  In may happen sometime that the people you follow may not follow you back (mostly happens in case of celebrities), but most of the people will follow you back. So, if any of these people get connected with you in some way or the other, they will definitely visit your blog or your site when you tweet. Thus, this method is considered the most common method of improving the page rank.

Retweet your followers

If you like your friend’s tweet, you will probably retweet it. This means you shared it with all of your twitter followers. However, this cycle is a continuous process and that person may retweet on your tweet in future. Your website will get a better search engine ranking position when people mention your website through tweets.

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter hashtags are tags used while posting a new tweet. It acts as a normal tag and makes a tweet visible in criteria of hash tags used for it. The use of it increases the tweets visibility among potential twitter followers.

Share & Care

To increase a website’s or blogs page rank in a search engine, it is very important for twitter followers to share. You should add a sidebar to share the blog or article post by twitter so that people who visit the page will share the post. Circulation of the page URL definitely results in more tweets.

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