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Imperium Technology’s Advance Visitor Management Software, We Develop Technologies That Suits Your Need Perfectly

The Imperium Technology Solutions Visitor Management Software enhances your investment in access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, creating pass & barcode and track visitors. It gives you the ability to generate detailed visitor traffic reports and enforce visitor/contractor security policies.

visitor management system software

ITS’s visitor management System offerings allow you to tailor your visitor management system to best meet your needs.

• Front Desk – register and track visitors
• Reporter – generate reports
• Administrator – control security policies
• Scheduler – coordinate and execute automation activities
• Creating visitor pass with Bar code

Visitor registration is quick and simple and can be performed either at a guard station or using an optional self-registration kiosk. This system scans the photo ID or business card of an arriving visitor, then instantly checks whether the visitor is expected or has been in the facility before and makes sure the visitor is not on a watch list. These quick and consistent checks ensure that only the right people are allowed on site. After scanning the information, the system takes a digital photo or captures the visitor’s signature.

The software can automatically contact the visitor’s host by email or with real time network messaging to announce the visit. Once the visitor is registered, an individualized pass with barcode is generated. Specific visit restrictions may be set, such as clearance level, access area or visit expiry time.

At the end of the visit, the visitor has to sign out. If the visitor does not sign out, the software system can contact the host to check if the visitor has left the site.

This simple yet powerful visitor registration process forms the basis of a very powerful security platform. Registering all visitors through ITS Visitor management software ensures that you have a centralized and complete record of your visitor traffic, strengthens visitor security, and improves productivity and service to your customers.

Imperium Technology Solution’s Visitor Management Software makes complete Visitor Management easier than ever, recording who is on the property, why he or she is there and how long a visit lasts. Features like email notification upon visitor sign-in and watch lists to screen against unwelcome guests help keep your building compound secure, while the collection of visitor data allows for the creation of comprehensive reports to give you a better idea of who is visiting your buildings.

Imperium Technology Solutions  offers a range of Visitor Management solutions designed for organizations of different sizes. Choose the best from us.