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Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank in 3 Steps

Do you ever mull over why some specific posts always make their way to the NewsFeed related to your Facebook profile while others do not? Have you also wondered why many posts cease to exist within a quick time span just after they were featured on the NewsFeed? It happens because of EdgeRank, Facebook’s very own algorithm that decides what content are going to feature in the NewsFeed of a Facebook user. EdgeRank decides the quality as well as the relevance of a particular post based on three vital factors- weight or importance of the post, the crucial issue of time-decay and user affinity for that particular post.

  Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

If you wish your posts to get value in terms of EdgeRank standards, appear on your friends’ NewsFeed and at the same time show up in the FB NewsFeed for a longer time span, then you need to keep these three vital factors in mind. Likewise, you need to go for a few strategic moves to make it sure that your posts do not lose relevance in the NewsFeed. Here are 3 important tips that you should do to better the EdgeRank of your profile and eventually get your posts into prime focus.

  • Create Posts With Minimum Content  - Less is More 

If you have to make it sure that your posts look important and relevant in terms of EdgeRank standards you should create posts that flaunt crisp and succinct content. Studies reveal that relevant and terse content happens to grab user attention and hence appear in NewsFeed more often. Minimize ornamental word usage in posts. Keep it Simple, Straight and Short.

  • Share Images And Videos  - Visualize 

To grasp your followers’/friends’ attention and the FB audience in general, post interesting images and videos from time to time. By sharing captivating, funny, quirky visuals and graphics, you can boost user engagement on your business/personal page; this in turn gives your page an authority. In due course, pages with high authorities are listed by EdgeRank as potential source of value-content and hence are showed more often in NewsFeed. 

  • Be Consistent and Act Natural – Be Yourself 

In order to enhance your Facebook EdgeRank score, you need to be consistent in your initiatives of creating as well as posting and sharing unique content on your wall and stick to a regular schedule. To enhance the engagement factor of your posts you can definitely try something innovative. For example, you can consider integrating a monthly calendar in your profile. The calendar will showcase interesting post ideas to your Facebook friends. To improve the EdgeRank of your posts you need to offer value-added content to your fans and followers. Engage with them, appreciate their engagement and spread happiness. The key to success lies in the credibility, relevance and appeal that you can create in the posts. So be Consistent and foremost, act natural. Be yourself!

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