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Is multireddit the new face of social sharing?

“Sharing is caring.” Now, that’s a clichéd phrase we have heard time and again. So it’s time for a change! If you’re a social butterfly, you would agree that sharing your news vines on Reddit and keeping track of your subreddits has become a task too easier in recent months, courtesy the new multireddit feature introduced by the hugely popular community news sharing site back in May. But then, what’s new in it? Well, till early last week multireddit feature was in beta phase and was limited only to Reddit Gold monthly subscribers. Now, this feature is live and open to all and sundry. So, if you do not have a Reddit Gold membership, probably this is the first time that you’ll be having an opportunity to peek at the new feature.


What was the need for multireddits?

Reddit has grown to enormous volume in the last couple of years, thanks to its mammoth 71 million average unique monthly visitors and approximately 5 billion average registered page-views (source: Reddit Official Blog). To cope up with this enormously expanding database (links with descriptions, hundreds of categories and communities), there was a growing necessity of merging categories and organizing it under subredddits that will help customize your search experience when you’re onboard. So subreddits were introduced last year. But the problem only amplified! Now, there were multitudes of ‘subreddits’ in the Reddit environment that you would be interested in. It’s only that you have to keep a track of all your subreddits, and that too is quite impossible for the average user. In order to simplify the whole process of finding and listing the various subcategories of your Reddit news listings, the ‘multies’ or ‘multireddits’ are being introduced of late.

What is multireddit all about?

Subreddits gave you the power to launch your very own Reddit community. Now with multireddit you can create your public front page which is viewable by all Reddit users. Your own Reddit front page is customizable, and you can arrange your favorite subreddits on your Reddit front page. The advantage that comes with a Reddit front page is that, you’ll have a superior social sharing experience. The positives entailed in this new move by Reddit will surely help boost the site’s usability.

In short, multireddits are an awesome way to discover both new and interesting sets of subreddits. Besides, multireddits will help you following a ton of subreddits in an easy, focused and organized way. The “multihub”, designed for the purpose is meant to introduce you to the world of this outstanding new feature. Have a look here, and plunge in. And, don’t forget to share your experience with us.