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10 Best Tips to Build a Responsive Website [Infographic]

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, then you’re surely missing out a substantial business opportunity.

Let’s a take a look at some stats to start with –

# The worldwide mobile data traffic shoot up by 70 % in 2012

# Experts estimate by the end of FY 2015 mobile internet would certainly surpass desktop internet usage

# Now there are over 1.2 billion smartphones in the world which are mobile-enabled

# This year Tablet sales are projected to surpass personal computer sales and cross the 100 million milestone

# By the end of 2013, analysts believe that there would be more mobile devices on Earth than her total human population

Startled? Yes, the experts and analysts may certainly sound a bit over-the-top now, but it’s certain that the days of smartphone and mobile internet has arrived. So let me ask you one simple question. With huge potential of the mobile internet and a probable shift in internet usage from pc to mobile platform , which websites are going to be the super popular ones in just over a year of two?

Obviously, those websites which are mobile friendly, right! Here, comes the necessity of making your website design “responsive”. By the way, Responsive Web Design is an approach by which a website can be viewed on wireless devices like smartphones and tablets with minimal distortion. In a word visitors would be able to enjoy optimal viewing pleasure through easy reading and smart navigation features offered in responsive web design.

Here’s an awesome Infographic from Spilo showing the 10 Basic Tips to make your website design responsive. Have a look -

responsive web design tips infographic