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Twitter’s latest iOS & Android Apps update makes photo sharing walk in the park

Does cropped image preview happen to bother you when you choose to tweet photos from your smartphone? Not anymore! Twitter, has recently released upgraded versions of its Android and iOS apps, roping in a few changes and adding new features. The newfangled features and changes tend to make photo uploads a hassle-free task for Twitter app users. With this latest upgrade, Twitter has literally been able to fix a crucial problem that most smartphone users would face while uploading pictures to their Twitter accounts. From now on, if you access your Twitter account via an Android or an iOS platform, you’re definitely going to enjoy an improved user experience.

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Boon for Twitter Users

Twitter has made some significant changes in the latest upgrades of its iOS and Android apps. From now on, fewer steps are going to be required when you upload and tweet photos from your iOS and Android device. While uploading a photo you can have a clear preview of the image. At the same time, you can see your username as well as your profile avatar. This particular facility is going to come real handy to you especially if you have more than one Twitter accounts to manage. Using your username and avatar you can easily toggle between multiple Twitter accounts connected through the app and tweet photos to these different accounts easily. At the same time, the recent updates also bring in the facility of user-requested alterations. With this new facility in, you can get text notifications pertaining to the photos you upload or tweet interactions made through your account.

How Would You Upload Photos After The New Updates?

From now on, all that you have to do is click on the ‘photo icon’ to upload an image and save it from the trouble of cropped preview. Yes, it is that simple! When you log on to your Twitter account and choose to upload a particular image, you will have to click on the photo icon, displayed at the bottom of the compose box. Once you click on the icon a camera roll will appear right beneath the compose window of your iOS or Android display screen, helping you select and finalize the image before uploading. Moreover, when you’re through with adding the photograph, you will get to see a full and clear preview of the photograph, and not just a cropped snippet as before.     

New Add-ons

Apart from getting to see clear image previews prior to uploading, you can enjoy some other exciting facilities like tweet composer, easily access the image gallery of your iOS or Android sets and tweet images from your  collection, enjoy tweet authentication facilities and so on.

What’s your take on this new Twitter app updates for iOS and Android? Share your thoughts with us.