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What ‘Not To Do’ To Make Someone Leave Your Website

Okay, so you have a fairly good website and registering a decent footfall from potential customers. But visitors are coming in numbers and leaving in flocks! That’s why your business is going through an unpredictable stage, which further is making you apprehensive about its future. If you can relate your situation to the one above, then it is certain that you’re unable to grab the interest of your website visitors and as a result losing out on visitor retention.

Experts are of the view that any website has the potential to emerge as the most preferred online destination for web visitors, but the real difference lies in the way the website has been designed. In fact, website designing is the most important functionary that separates a popular site from the rest.

Here’s an amazing infographic that lucidly explains what you should not do while designing a website. Have a look –

What makes someone leave a website infographic

[Courtesy: Kissmetrics]

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