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Will Tumblr emerge as the numero uno blogging platform after Yahoo takeover?

Ok, so you have tried Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and Posterous over the past few years but what about Tumblr? Have you ever thought of starting off with this burgeoning blogging platform? If not already, then, start thinking about it. Soon, Tumblr is going to be one of the hottest bloggers’ destinations courtesy the $1.1 billion takeover by Yahoo.

Yahoo acquires Tumblr for $1.1bn

Ever since Marissa Mayer, the ex executive and key spokesperson for Google joined Yahoo as the new president and CEO, the cyber giant has got a new facelift. She played an instrumental role in taking over at least 10 startups since her appointment as the Yahoo boss in July last year. Buying Tumblr is the latest and undoubtedly the most talked about takeovers ever by Yahoo in recent memory. So, what does this takeover imply? Is it as conscious move to outshine Blogger, owned by Yahoo’s chief competitor Google? Or, is it just a desperate move to conglomerize Yahoo’s online entities and spearhead the cyber giant’s online supremacy in the coming days?

Before the Tumblr takeover was publicly announced, Marissa Mayer mentioned in her tweet that Yahoo “promise not to screw it up”. Good news for blogger fraternities around the world. At least, we expect that Tumblr won’t meet the same fate as Posterous did after Twitter’s takeover of Posterous in spring last year which ultimately led to the shutdown of the blogging platform earlier this year. Several probabilities are widespread after Tumblr’s Yahoo acquisition.

Tumblr may emerge as the numero uno platform for blogging, especially if Blogger gets sucked up in Google Plus or gets totally deprecated given the recent killing spree of Google.

Tumblr is a strong photo sharing platform till date and is estimated to be one of the top sources for pins shared on Pinterest. With Yahoo takeover and a possible re-orientation on the cards, we might be seeing Tumblr’s emergence as a top social photo sharing channel, giving tough competition to Flickr and Instagram, sometime soon.

But, till now all we can do is apprehend. The news is still fresh from oven and the deal has been struck. So let’s cross our fingers and watch the crystal ball roll.

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